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 The stories of personal discoveries and growth during Corona pandemic.

We are gatherig material to publish an inspirational book.

COVID-19 has affected us all, yet some people have stayed positive used this world-wide pandemic to propel forward. They feel the fear, but choose to grow. Often personal growth and the growth of society stems from tragedies and places of hardship. Why? If you are content with who you are and what you have, then you don´t feel the urge to change the status quo.

When the environment changes your daily life, then you have two possibilities: be the victim of circumstance or use the change in your advantage. We are composing a book that tells the inspirational growth stories of ordinary people and public figures, which have started during the Corona crises.

Let´s all learn from and get inspired by the personal stories of people who have chosen to rise to the occasion.


Do You have an inspirational growth or personal discovery story from the Corona crises to share? Don´t keep it to yourself, lend it to our book and inspire others.

We wait for positive stories of success, growth, personal discoveries, social development, positive environmental changes and societal improvements.

Send a idea/synopsis via the form or send the full story to:

The stories waiting to be written

Here are a few sample ideas for the stories that we´re waiting for. Below are just samples to get Your thoughts moving.
Tell Your story!


How I changed the country

I am the President. People look up to me, yet, I am one of them. I feel it today more than ever. I feel the responsibility to propel the society forward and persevere...


Stepping up to help others

This is the story of how I brought 2,000,000 face masks to the country, while the pharmacies were empty, the factories didn´t take orders and the plains didn´t fly...


How I overcame fear

Fears are easy to develop, hard to overcome. The fear of Corona gets instilled every day by the news. I felt I can´t take it any more, so this is what I did...


How I learned to be alone

I have always been on the run. Always. But now I had to stop. Had to. The first weeks were gruelingly hard, but then a sense of clarity overcame me...


How I was "forced" to expand my business

I always planned to take my business online, but never got around to it. Suddenly my business stopped over a forthnight. I chose to fight, to search for new avenues...


How I connected with my children

I love my children and have always been there for them, but today I feel a deeper connection forming. I´m able to step out of the hectic life and truly be there for them...


Helping the elderly - the story of giving

I have always passed by the elderly lady who lives on the 3rd floor. Never given her more than a "Hello". Now I´m standing behind her door with a bag of groceries...


I feel the change in the society around me

Although I spend most of my time in the solitude of my apartment, I feel a change in the society. On the occasional store visits I notice people being politer by...


How should we improve the education

Learning at home with my children, I have come to realize the benefits of home schooling. What if we change the school system to include 2 days of homescooling...


How I adopted more sustainable lifestyle

I have come to realize how many things we buy, which we don´t really need. The marketing companies are doing a good job. Sitting at home, I have learned to...


How I started a new project

For the last 15 years I´ve had this idea in my head. It´s been rolling around and around. But I have a secure job... had a job. Now came the time I finally started to move...


I started learning what I always wanted

I have known since the university, that I´m not passionate about the subject I learned. But it brings in good money. I´ve always loved to play music and guess what...

What to cover in the story?

We wait for stories from around the world and about all kinds of subjects. The length of the story should be around 1500-2500 words and might cover the following aspects:

  • WHAT HAPPENED - describe the specific situation or event that happened in your life and that you needed to overcome, or a positive situation that gave you new insights.
  • HOW IT MADE YOU FEEL - how did you feel during the event? What was going on in your head, that others might be able to relate to?
  • WHAT CHANGES YOU DEPLOYED - what changes did you make in your life to improve the situation? How did you embrace the change?
  • WHAT DID YOU LEARN - what did you learn form the situation and the changes in your life? How can you use this to further fuel your growth?
  • HOW IS IT RELEVANT TO OTHERS - what can others learn from it? Maybe it can improve the society as a whole?
  • HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW - how do you feel after learning something new and growing? Where could this lead you or the society in the future?

These are some of the questions that you might want to answer in your story. But it is Your story, go with your personal flow of inspiration.

Story deadline

Send your story to us HERE. Time left for writing:

What happens next?

What happens to your story?


Review and feedback

We read your story and give you feedback or ask for more details. 


Selection process

We select stories to be published in the book. Selection is based not only on the quality of the piece, but also interconnectedness with other submitted stories.


Proofreading and editing

Our professional proofreaders edit the selected stories to keep book coherence and ensure engaging style.


Publishing the book

Your story will be binded into the inspirational book about the times of Corona Pandemic. How some people choose to look at the positive side of every situation, to grow and develop.

If your story is selected, then your name will be published in the book alongside your story.
Also you will get a free copy of the book.

What stories have we recieved?

Many people have shared their personal stories with us. We are extremely grateful for their inspirational insights and contribution. Thank you for your positive outlook on life!


Personal life




Society / Public domain


Our enthusiastic and positive team is waiting for Your input to make this book in progress a reality.

I am a serial entrepreneur and passionate traveller who has lived and done business in Estonia, Denmark, Brazil and Australia.

I am passionate about education & learning. Since 2004 I have co-founded 3 NGO’s and 4 companies for education development.


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